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It is often asserted that there are seven elements of design: Shape, Space, Color, Texture, Light, Form, Furniture, and Objects. It has also been said that there are only six elements (which leave out a couple on that list and add others), and nine elements (which add "pattern" and "mass" to the list). The number is less important than the idea that, when approaching interior design, there are a number of factors, or elements, that must be considered and applied.


Laura Braun has been a practitioner of design and was an employer of those elements well before she realized that she would make it her life’s work. Friends and family have always relied on Laura's eye for detail and design to help them make their homes beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

Laura Braun, Owner

As a professional interior designer, Laura has developed her own philosophy and honed her belief that a person’s space should be both functional and beautiful – not one or the other. “I believe in and insist on both at the same time,” she says. “A home should always work for the people who live in it, rather than the people having to adjust to some external notion of what makes for good design.”


What that means for Laura’s clients is that they are heard. “When we have our initial consultation, my goal is to listen – to the homeowner’s ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes, and to explore their feelings about the way they live – about everything that is important to them – so that I can consider and apply it as we work on their space.”


Put Laura’s experience, great taste, and unique skills to work for your next project; schedule an initial consultation by visiting the contact page.

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