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Client Reviews

Taste. Imagination. Troubleshooter.

Laura was downright fun to work with. You will laugh … hard … if you work with her.


She helped redesign bedrooms for each of my daughters. The oldest is married now, and her room needed to work for guests, and for the times she and her husband visit. My youngest was ready for a more sophisticated space befitting her age. Girls, guests, and I could not be happier with the results! 


I chose to work with Laura because of her taste level, her willingness to adhere to a modest budget, and her installation knowledge. I was not disappointed! Re-doing a room can be stressful, but Laura will hold on to that stress for you, so that you can let it go. You’re in good hands. 


Her ideas and taste are phenomenal. And the care she takes with execution is meticulous … she is her own toughest customer. When we couldn’t find the headboard we wanted, Laura made it herself! When the floors and ceilings of my colonial home dipped and waved, she found ways to make it work. 

The Reveal 

I came home one day to the surprise of Laura’s finished work installed in my daughter’s room. Despite having shopped for the fabrics and trim together, the impact of seeing it all together was just beautiful.  The room was finished; it was utterly pulled together.  It felt like a British hotel suite; pink and green toile paper, a puffy bed laden with all sizes of coordinating silk pillows, and artfully pleated window treatments creating an indulgent and cozy space.

                                                                                                                             –  Carol, Sherborn MA

Professional. Tireless. Inspired.

Our work with Laura was an absolute pleasure from the start – so much so that we just keep coming up with new projects for her to help us with (she doesn’t know it yet but when she returns next week to install the valances she is making, I’m going to ask her to reupholster and make new new cushions for a bench I have!). I don’t know what we would have done without her during our move, and I’ve referred her already to a couple of friends.


She’s a true professional. I had no idea when I started working with her but a mutual friend said “Laura can make anything.” She was right – Laura helped me to find amazing prices on upholstery fabric, had inspired ideas about how to refinish my chairs, and was meticulous in her workmanship with the materials. Also importantly, she was fast and reasonable in her pricing!


Initially, Laura worked with us to recover and repaint some chairs. When I learned that she is also an accomplished seamstress, I asked her to take on remaking several window treatments that moved with us from one home to another. I wanted to keep the beautiful fabrics but, of course, the windows are different in the new house; other draperies needed to be cut for doors; and some curtains needed to be cut by half and rehung. When she had leftover fabric after finishing those drapes and window treatments for the bedroom, she made a beautiful bed throw that ties everything in the room together.


The Reveal

Seeing what she comes up with is half the fun working with Laura. I had planned to put an old flea-market find chair (that Laura was reupholstering for me) in a boudoir/dressing area – thinking it was nice, but not terribly special. Apparently, though, in the course of reupholstering it, Laura discovered faint markings that indicated it had once had a tufted back, and she asked if I would like her to return that feature to the chair. Who wouldn’t want a lovely, old cottage chair with a tufted back??!  Of course, I said yes. It was so beautiful when she finished –  the tufting made all the difference – I decided to move it to the master bedroom instead of having it lost in a dressing room that no one would ever see!

                                                                                                                             –  Lyn, South Dartmouth, MA

We'd like to thank our clients for sharing their reviews of Laura Braun Interiors. We'd love to add your comments to this list! If you have an interior design project you've been thinking about, let Laura know you'd like to take advantage of a free one-hour interior design consultation.

Vision. Taste. Style.

I chose Laura because of her energy and sense of style.


She was always available for advice, she really listened and understood the feeling I wanted in my kitchen and she finished everything within the time frame she promised. Also she's fun –  a real pleasure to have around!


Laura was like a breath of fresh air for my very tired kitchen, and for me too. She's smart, talented, and I enjoyed her company as much as I did her work. She did little things I never would have thought of that made my kitchen look unique while still keeping the traditional feel of my antique colonial.


She did three different window treatments all of the same fabric. It added so much interest. She made gorgeous throw pillows for the settee at the table, which was also a beautiful and unique touch, and she added two cane chairs and a cane stool, all antique, to complete the seating. Comfortable and stunning. She also hung a rustic candelabra over the table. We love lighting it for dinner. Such a unique and beautiful touch!


The Reveal

Every time I walk into my new kitchen I feel like I'm being wrapped in a beautiful, warm cozy blanket. It's exactly how I hoped it would feel. Warm, inviting, comfortable, beautiful! Every feature coordinates and yet has its own flair. Nothing is what you would expect and yet it all looks as though it was meant to be there. 

                                                                                                                             –  Laurie, Lowell, MA

Solutions-oriented. Pragmatic. Exceeds expectations.

I chose to work with Laura  because I like her as a person. Her straightforward approach and willingness to look for solutions that work for me make her a great design partner. I had thought I needed to do an expensive refinish and re-upholstery on a complicated bridge table set that was now going to be used in a more casual setting, but with Laura's eye and pragmatic approach we found a beautiful and cost effective solution. 

For over 35 years I had kept my parents bridge table and matching upolstered chairs. Once I had worn them out, I moved them from my own living room to storage, then garage, barn, attic, and basement – my intent: to eventually have them refinished and reupholstered. I had justified hanging on to them all those years because they were exceptionally well-built pieces of furniture, hard to find these days. But in actuality, it is also a sentimental attachment I have to that table and those four chairs – the set evokes childhood memories of laughter and challenges and learning and fun and even losing, with puzzles and games and cards and ... one another. 

A pragmatic consult with Laura provided solutions to restore the wood to its earlier glory and forgo the expensive refinishing – worth its weight in gold, quite literally. Then with her assistance I selected fabric and she took the chairs and worked her magic!  The set looks wonderful, the piping detail around the chair backs, a classic touch, the workmanship superb ... and we now have the perfect game table for our vacation house where other generations get to create new memories filled with ... laughter and challenges and learning and fun and even losing, with puzzles and games and cards and ... one another!


The Reveal

When Laura delivered the finished chairs and we put them around the bridge table, I remember thinking that this must have been how my mother felt when she brought them home from the store 50 years earlier – "What a gorgeous game table set – let's play!" I was ecstatic – they had turned out better than I ever thought possible. A wonderful surprise was that she had used leftover fabric to make lumbar pillows for each of the four chairs. I never would’ve thought of this, but we use them whenever we play at the table and they make the chairs even more comfortable.


Laura is awesome to work with and I would recommend her to anybody who needs any kind of design or style assistance or ideas to find a look and feel that fit you, your lifestyle, and what you need.

                                                                                                                             –  Jette, Needham, MA

Resourceful. Ingenious. Meticulous.

My small apartment is (intentionally) eclectically decorated. In my open living-dining area, I have a rustic, "shabby chic"/french provincial wingback chair, a roll-arm white sofa, a modern, geometric area rug, and a coffee table and hutch made from reclaimed wood. I also have starkly modern, extremely functional IKEA furniture – a black entertainment stand and a black dining table w chairs. I needed to soften hard edges of the dining area in particular and thought I'd like to re-cover the IKEA side chairs. The IKEA slipcover options were all too contemporary to accomplish what I was looking for. Laura helped me find the perfect fabric for my Euro-provincial look and made the perfect new chair covers. We even had enough fabric left over to carry the design into my powder room. My small linen closet had a space-killing louvre door which I had removed and thought I'd replace with a curtain. Laura suggested a floor-to-ceiling roman shade which I could "set" at a certain height for everyday access or close completely when I had people over. It's just gorgeous and has been a great solution!


The Reveal

Having seen her work before (I'd been impressed by her seamstress work forever!), I was confident that I would be satisfied with the outcome. But still, I was unprepared for the attention to detail (something I think you only really notice when the work is for you). Laura matched the pieces of the "word art" fabric so that each chair matched exactly - with the same part of the fabric on the same part of each chair. It was a detail I hadn't considered until I saw the finished product – and it made such a difference. She's also pretty handy with a drill and installed the roman shade in the powder room with ease - I love it!

                                                                                                                             –  Shannon, Natick, MA

Patient. Creative. Transforming.

Laura has helped me with a number of projects, some as simple as rearranging items in my home to completely redesigning my teenage daughter's bedroom.  Laura listened to what I saw as my vision and took it to the next level. She is patient, and easy to work with. 


The Reveal

My daughter's room was completely transformed and took my breath away when the project was completed. While working with Laura I was easily able to communicate what I had in mind and she gave me thoughtful creative ideas. Laura is a pleasure to work with!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               –  Meg, Sherborn, MA

Enthusiastic. Positive. Authentic.

I first learned of Laura through Instagram. Every time I saw a new photo of her work I would say, “I need to meet this woman!” I loved her taste and style. I decided to reach out (as she lives in the next town over from me). How convenient that would be! Oh yes! After speaking with her, I knew I was going to connect.


That same day she came to my house and when I met her I loved her immediately. I knew she was going to be able to help me. She is smart, confident, beautiful, and so talented. She could see the beauty beyond what I could see and was able to help me make my living room come alive. That’s all I needed. I was so unsure of what to do with my space.  There are so many choices and therefore so many decisions. I became so frustrated. I was struggling with what to do. She walked into my living room and said, “Oh my, look at the ceilings and the floors, and the windows.” She absolutely got me so excited about my living room. We started immediately changing the colors of the walls and windows. We went with White Dove on White Dove and painted the mullions a dark grey, almost black. Honestly, it changed my spirit. I saw this room transform in front of my eyes. Next was a brand new white linen sectional that Laura suggested. She was able to help me make the best use with what I had as well. 


The Reveal

The room was transformed immediately. I walked in and just said, “Wow!” Laura knew how to make the best possible use of my space.  She wanted my space to not only look great but to be functional within my budget. She captured my spirit and the essence of the space. We are still working together and I would highly recommend her to anyone. And …  she makes me laugh through it all. What fun this has been! 

                                                                                                                             –  Andrea, South Natick, MA

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